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doctor lip bang's is a company that believes:

(in other words, this is how we roll)

Doctor Lip Bang uses healthy products
Doctor Lip Bang
Doctor Lip Bang
Doctor Lip Bang

We use only the best and healthiest ingredients because we believe that what you put in and on your body should be good for you.  And what is good for you, is good for us!

Rock your own personal style with pride. Got Tattoos? Cool. Purple Hair? Right on. Maybe you wear sneakers with your suits, or a worn out sports jersey, or a sweet thrifted frock. We just want to say, "Hey, we like your style". We love seeing you be you.  Being real and being yourself is important and it is what makes you inspiring.

Did you know that a portion of all proceeds from the sale of doctor lip bang's products goes to charity? It must feel pretty good to know that you're making the world a better place when you buy our products, huh?  Remember: EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!

Stay positive. See the best in people, and keep putting that "vibe" out there. Go ahead and give someone a thumbs up, a high-five, or a well-deserved slap on the back.  Keep calm and like on. You're awesome.

Doctor Lip Bang

we really love doing fun stuff

goofing around is one of our specialties

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