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The market in which lip balm sells is a growing one, as it has become normal practice for people to take better care of their lips.  Today's market is increasingly health-conscious. Consumers are demanding effective, body-safe products that are made with truly healthy ingredients. Lucky for you, that's exactly what we do here at Doctor Lip Bang's. 

so you wanna sell Lip Freak?

I mean, why wouldn't you? We're, like, really cool.

Boy are we flattered! Thank you for your interest in selling Doctor Lip Bang's products.  In order to qualify to purchase Lip Freak as a distributor or retailer, you will need to provide us with your business' tax i.d. number (just gotta make sure you're "legit", ya know?). 

Once you become a customer, you can log in to our marketing resource center where you'll have access to flyers, high-res product images, product detail sheets, and more.

Please use the contact form to request more specific information like our wholesale costs, order minimums, etc. 

Would you rather speak to a human-being? We gotcha covered. Simply call our offices using the phone number below and let the customer care team know you'd like to learn more about becoming a wholesale vendor!

844-LIP-BANG (547-2264)


Thanks again for your interest in Doctor Lip Bang's products!

Already a vendor? Gain access to our awesome marketing resource center by sending a password request to 

hey there, good lookin'

hubba, hubba!

Doctor Lip Bang's Lip Freak comes in thoughtfully-designed packaging which appeals to both male and female consumers. The carded boxes can be placed inside 12 piece counter-top displays, or can be individually hung, stacked, and placed together as a powerful merchandizing tool.  We work closely with you to create enticing consumer promotions and employee programs, and provide top-notch merchandizing assistance whenever needed!  

We do NOT authorize the resell of Doctor Lip Bang's products on the following platforms: Amazon, Faire, Taobao, eBay, Walmart Online, 
Skroutz, AliExpress.

with packaging this awesome, lip freak practically sells itself!

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